Top 10 Tips for Using Photographs in Your Online Marketing

Some general tips about using photos Use high-quality images on your website: Your website is your permanent presence on the web – so you want to use high-quality images. Cell phone photos are fine for social media – it’s more casual and real-time. Use casual photos in the Personal Note section of your newsletter: It will give your followers a chance…

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Help Your Friends Find Your Art on Facebook

Your friends and family members may be some of the best people to share your work on Facebook and to introduce your work to their Facebook friends. But they can only do that if they know how to find your art on Facebook. You would think that they would know how to find it – but sometimes they haven’t found your…

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Three Tips for Getting Your Art Seen on Twitter

I love Twitter. It is one of my favorite social media sites – especially when I just want to take a quick break from what I’m working on and see what’s happening in the world outside my office. And since I follow lots of artists on Twitter – it’s also a great way for me to get a quick bit…

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Make it Easy for Your FB Friends to Share Your Art

  I don’t about you, but with all the Facebook art challenges going around I’ve been seeing some incredible art created by my Facebook Friends. I’ve also been really frustrated because I haven’t been able to share some of it due to their Facebook settings. Many of my artist friends have their Facebook posting settings set so that only their…

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Use Sharable Graphics to Make Your Blog Posts More Visible on Social Media

I’ve recently made a change in what I’m including with some of my blog posts on my Beautiful Flower Pictures blog. In addition to my usual photos of flowers or landscapes, I’ve started included graphics with the title of the blog post for some of my posts. And I’m doing this for one simple reason – to make my blog…

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Help Fans Find You Online: Watermark Your Images

Watermarking – one of the topics that artists have been discussing (or arguing about) for years. For a long time, most photographers have watermarked their images when they placed them online. We hoped that watermarking our images would prevent people from using them without our permission. That certainly hasn’t been the case at least for me. Many other artists chose…

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Welcome to Social Media Success for Artists!

I’m Patty Hankins, a photographer from Bethesda, Maryland. I not only have lots of fun on social media but I also use social media to introduce my work to and connect with people around the world. As I’ve talked with other artists, I realized that for some artists using social media sites to connect with their fans is a challenge….

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Top 3 Tips for Taking Great Snapshots at Events

Have you been seeing announcements of upcoming conferences and events that you’d like to attend? Attending events provides you with opportunities to learn new information in a short time period, to network with interesting people and to connect with potential JV partners and affiliates. When you attend an event, be sure to bring your camera (even the one on your…

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Can I Use that Photo?

Have you ever seen a photo on the web and thought it would be perfect for your newsletter or blog? Did you know that using a photo without permission can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars? As a photographer, I’m always amazed at how many people take photos from a website and just use them without considering if…

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Can You Send a Photo Please?

How often do you get a request to send a photo  – perhaps for an upcoming event or guest post and you don’t know if the photos you have meet the specifications they are asking for? And without fail – the requests come in at the worst possible time – and they need the photo yesterday! I’ve got a few…

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